Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Social Smoke - Potion 9

     I'd like to preface my first review with a thank you to everyone who has subscribed thus far! :) It gives me hope for the future of this blog. I'd also like to give a brief history of my experience as a hookah-nisseur. ;)
     I started smoking hookah approximately a year ago. My friends and I attended a local hookah bar, and were instantly hookahed...hooked. Smoking hookah with your friends is one of the most relaxing, social, and bonding experiences you can have. So, with a new-found love of the traditional middle-eastern past time, I dove into the culture. Soon, I found myself with 5 hookahs, one of which belonged to the Shaikh of Kuwait at one point (long story, I'll go into it some other time,) and a large box FULL of different flavored shishas. For those of you who don't know, shisha is the American term for the tobacco, molasses mixture smoked from a hookah (traditionally called moassel.) I usually smoke hookah once every 1 to 2 days, so it'll take me a while to get through all the flavors I own. I'll put up a picture of my stash one day ;) So, now that you all know a little about me and my history as a hookah smoker, I'll delve right in to the reviewing.
     Social Smoke is a brand of American-made shisha located in Texas. The company is renowned in the hookommunity (sorry, I couldn't help myself,) for it's strong, long lasting flavor, and it's large, white clouds of smoke. Their prices are a *bit* on the higher end, but it's definitely worth every penny you spend.
     Potion 9 is one of the first shisha flavors I smoked out of a hookah that I owned. It is marketed as a "tempting mix of fresh Melon, tart Cherries, ripe Raspberries, and juicy Pineapple." The flavor has a strong citrus side to it, as the description implies. It is very pleasant, but comes on a little intense at first. The description of the flavor is very accurate. One can taste at least a hint of every flavor mentioned, as well as additional flavors that range from lemon to the unexpected popcorn ball. All the flavors mix very well, however, and provide a very pleasant, fruity smoke.
     As with all SS shishas, the clouds of smoke are beyond compare. The shisha produces voluminous, white smoke that lasts the duration of the smoke. Potion 9, in my experience, has been very flexible with heat, producing equal amounts of smoke with 2 and 3 coals. With very little management, it is easy to keep Potion 9 smoking full and non-harsh.
     If you enjoy tropical, citrus flavors, and aren't worried about spending an extra dollar or two for quality, then pick up some Potion 9. Social Smoke never disappoints, and you won't regret your purchase. Definitely recommended.
     Until my next post, keep smoking,


  1. I really need to get into shisha... Hmm.

  2. I need to start experimenting with other tobaccos. I will be following closely.