Friday, February 11, 2011

     Hey everyone! Before I start reviewing the shit out of Social Smoke Cosmopolitan, I just wanted to thank everyone who has followed my blog, left a comment, or even just viewed the page. You guys are awesome, and I can't thank you enough for your interest! Now on to the review!
     If you've already read my first review of Potion 9, you'll know what a Social Smoke fan boy I am. It's my stuff. They impress me every single smoke sesh with their consistent quality. Their Cosmopolitan flavor just reinforces their awesomeness. This stuff is good! I do feel a little self-conscious smoking it due to the stereotype behind the cosmopolitan, but hey, everyone needs to delve into their fruity side every now and then. ;)
     Social smoke describes Cosmopolitan as "a swanky & sophisticated blend of sweet Cranberries and zesty Lime juice." Now usually Social Smoke is dead on with their descriptions of their shishas, but they definitely could have gone with a much shorter, simpler description with this flavor. Two words. Fruity Pebbles. Yes, that's right, the cereal you had as a kid with Fred Flintstone on the box. Cosmopolitan tastes and smells EXACTLY like Fruity Pebbles! It's uncanny! It's also extremely delicious! The flavor is sweet and fruity, and not at all tart as the description would imply. It is a little strong, and could be overwhelming if you're sensitive to sweet things, but even so, it's damn good, especially if you enjoy it every now and then so the flavor stays new and interesting. As with all Social Smoke, the flavor lasts throughout the session, and the shisha is very forgiving when it comes to heating. The clouds are full and white, as one would expect from SS. This shisha is about as good as they come. The only possible downfall I can think of is that, like I previously stated, the flavor is a bit strong, which is actually a positive if you're like myself and enjoy strong flavored shishas. You might not enjoy this flavor as much if your into deep, rich, traditional shishas like Nakhla Zaghloul or Al Fakher Soft Black, as this flavor is definitely a sweet, modern, designer flavor. 
     If you can get over the stigma behind the flavor, and like sweet things, Cosmopolitan is for you! Who cares if people think you're a little on the fairy side? Be proud of what you enjoy! Get some Social Smoke Cosmopolitan, smoke it, and trust me, you'll be hooked! I couldn't recommend this flavor more strongly! Social Smoke is amazing. Simple as that. Even if they're not always 100% accurate with their flavor descriptions. ;)
     Until my next post, keep smoking!

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  1. Never seen those tubs before, wonder if we got em up here.